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About the Types of Wigs

Jan 24, 2019 7:36:02 PM

In today’s fast-moving society, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and the pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more exquisite. Accordingly, wearing wigs is becoming more and more popular than ever before. Whether it is man or woman, there is a demand for wigs. And women in particular are attracted to the wearing of wigs, and celebrities, including, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jessie J, have furthered the popularity of fake hairpieces by sporting wigs in their everyday lives.

Of course, most people who wear wigs do so because of a severe hair loss brought on by aging or a variety of illnesses. Women who undergo chemo treatments and experience hair loss also frequently wear wigs. But aside from hiding baldness, people are beginning to wear wigs for fashion purposes. Wigs offer an easy way to change a style or to don an already perfectly cut and styled hairdo. Additionally, some religious and cultural practices require the wearing of wigs.

No matter the reason for why people (and women in particular) wear wigs, there are a variety of different wigs that range in material and fit that people should be aware of before they purchase a wig for themselves. Above all, if you're looking for a wig, you will want one that feels comfortable and looks natural. Today, I will introduce five basic types wigs.

The first one is: Capless Wigs. Some wigs are also capless. These wigs are lighter than capped wigs and are not as warm when wearing. In place of a cap, they have vertical lace strips, with spaces between the strips, which make them one of the most breathable types of wigs. The third one is: Capless Wigs. Some wigs are also capless. These wigs are lighter than capped wigs and are not as warm when wearing. In place of a cap, they have vertical lace strips, with spaces between the strips, which make them one of the most breathable types of wigs.

The second one is: Lace Wigs. Lace wigs are a particularly popular type of wig because it provides for a more natural look than many other wigs. More often than not, this is the type of wig that celebrities typically wear. Lace wigs are full wigs that have some mesh lace attached to the front of the wig just beyond the hairline. The mesh lace on the wig is custom fitted to the wearer's head and is trimmed and glued (temporarily) to a person's skin right around the hairline. The hair of the wig prevents anyone from seeing the mesh lace, and it is the lace that allows the hair to part naturally on a person's head.

The third one is: Monofilament Cap Wigs. Another type of cap is the monofilament cap which incorporates a thin piece of material at the crown that is made of nylon or polyester mesh. The mesh is breathable and presents an illusion of skin, and because its mesh, the wearer's scalp is partially revealed, which is beneficial in that the base of the wig naturally reveals the scalp like normal hair does. With a monofilament cap, the scalp revealed is the wearer's natural skin color. People love these types of wigs because they look very natural and are versatile. They can be styled in a variety of different ways because each hair on a monofilament cap is individually hand tied at the crown so that the hair can be brushed or parted in any direction. The monofilament cap is also soft and is more comfortable to wear than other types of wigs.

The fourth one is: Human Hair Wigs. Wigs also range widely in material. Some of the best wigs are made of human hair. Human hair wigs are the most natural looking wigs, but are more expensive than wigs made of synthetic materials. With human hair wigs, the hair can be cut, styled, dyed, or permed just like naturally-grown hair. There are basically four different types of human hair used on wigs, and they are Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Caucasian, so that people of many different ethnicities can find a wig that is perfect for them. But because they are made of real human hair, these wigs must also be cared for as if they were the result of naturally grown hair, which means they must be shampooed, dried, styled, and conditioned. Essentially, these wigs offer all of the benefits and work of having real human hair.

The last one is: Synthetic Wigs. Wigs can also be made of a variety of other materials including horse hair, wool, feathers, or buffalo hair. But aside from human hair, the most popular types of materials used in making wigs are synthetic fibers. And many of the higher quality synthetic wigs are almost indistinguishable from human hair wigs. And synthetic wigs offer the benefits of being easier to care for and costing less than human hair wigs. However, they are not meant to styled and can be damaged if a person used curling irons, blow dryers, or hot rollers to style them.

So, I believe that after the above introduction, you have a deeper understanding of wigs` types which can help you have a better decision of wigs. When we choose one wig ,it must be excellent quality and reasonable price, then you will consider making a purchase. We highly recommend the site:, I wish you a wonderful shopping experience.

How to Choose Wig Cap Constructions?

Jan 19, 2019 12:07:17 AM

Do you know about the wig cap construction? Today, I will introduce the wig caps in detail.


1. Monofilament + 100% Handmade

These are the best quality wigs using monofilament and hand tying. This luxury product provides 100% comfort. The mono top is woven onto a fine base and is undetectable to the eye. It looks like skin and is very realistic. The remainder of the wig is a fine mesh and the hair is hand tied to it making it very lightweight.


2. Monofilament + Weft

The hair is woven onto a very fine mesh on the scalp area (mono top) which is invisible against the skin. These are probably the most popular wigs. The wefted area is machine made with hair sewn to strips of material (ribbons). The wefts have gaps in them to allow the head to breath.


3.100% Handmade

The whole wig cap is made of fine mesh. Whilst this type of wig does not have a mono top, as the whole wig is hand tied so still gives the appearance of skin.


4. Lace front Wig

Lace front wigs are 100% hand tied as mentioned previously, but with a lace (netted) front to give a realistic *join* at the forehead. These wigs do not need any adjustment to the front of the wig. Lots of 100% hand tied wigs are made this way giving an invisible line around the forehead.



Wefted means strips of ribbon like material which the hair is machine sewn on to. This is the usual construction of a wig and makes it more lightweight and cooler to wear. Wefted only wigs are a cheaper variety of wig cap. People with hairloss who need to wear a wig every day usually prefer a mono top wig as they are more realistic. Wefted wigs tend to be frizzed very slightly at the root and on cheaper wigs can look a bit *wiggy*.

 capless wigs

These are ideal for anyone not wanting to wear a full wig and are undetectable, but one thing to remember is that the clips which hold the piece in place can pull at your own hair and in some cases can make the hairloss a little worse.


There are many kinds of wig cap, choose one style which fits you is very important. There are many kinds of wig on sale now. Don't miss the great discount.

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